April 5, 2024

Coding Quizzes are here!

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Introducing coding quizzes in CodeGrade! Easily convert assignments into dynamic quizzes, enhancing the learning experience with AutoTest V2 integration. Customize quizzes to suit preferences. Watch it in action here!

Coding quizzes are now available in CodeGrade! With the latest release, you can now easily convert your coding assignments into dynamic interactive quizzes. By seamlessly integrating AutoTest V2 with the Editor, this feature elevates the coding experience, providing learners with an immersive learning platform. With a diverse range of quiz types available in the quiz wrapper block, you can personalize quizzes according to your and your learners' preferences.

Incorporate quizzes into your assessments for comprehensive and effective code learning!

Missed our launch event? We've got you covered! In this session, learn about:

  • The importance of integrating interactive assessments into your coding curriculum.
  • Streamlining assignment management with Coding Quizzes in CodeGrade.
  • Effective strategies for incorporating Coding Quizzes into your curriculum organization.
  • The transformative impact they have on course dynamics and student engagement.

Watch it below!

Thank you to our customers whose feedback shaped the addition of this feature. Your input is important to us, so be sure to check our Roadmap and share your insights. If you are interested in using CodeGrade, feel free to book a catch-up meeting here to discuss your needs further. We're excited about the possibilities of making coding education even more powerful, flexible, and engaging in the future.

Youri Voet

Youri Voet

Co-founder and CEO
Youri recognizes the crucial need for a platform uniting educators and students in coding education and has made it his mission to bridge that gap. He is down-to-earth, relishes culinary experiments and indulging in reality TV.

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