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September 19, 2022

New CodeGrade features now delivered continuously to you!

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Our latest release (Q.1) dates back to May 11th of 2022 - that is 4 months without any new release, whereas normally you would expect monthly releases from us. 

Active CodeGrade users may have also noticed that our Product Team did not sit still and that development is going faster than ever. Over the past months, we have released countless bug fixes, tweaks and added many smaller and larger features to CodeGrade. So, what’s going on?

CodeGrade CTO Thomas Schaper shines some light on this: “In the past months, CodeGrade has moved completely to Continuous Delivery as our process of delivering releases to our application.”

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Continuous Delivery (CD) has some benefits over our traditional release cycle of 1 or 2 months, Thomas adds: “Traditionally, teachers using CodeGrade would get a new update every 1 or 2 months, which is a relatively long time between solving an issue and getting it to the client. With CD, we now directly deploy our application with each and every bug fix, tweak or feature that is ready. As a result, we can now get a feature request or bug report and deploy our solution live within a matter of days.”

As CTOs do, Thomas does also get into a couple more technical benefits: “With Continuous Development in place, we are also able to split up features in smaller components, which in practice allows for better technical and usability testing and getting to an MVP (minimal viable product) quicker.”  This new approach enhances our ability to innovate and give personal support to our customers.

What does this change for you? Two things. First, you will no longer get a monthly newsletter and blog post talking about our release, but rather get a shorter update whenever we deploy an important new feature or fix. And second, you can expect that bug reports and feature requests are fixed quicker and more seamlessly than ever before!

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius

Co-founder, Product Expert
Devin is co-founder and Product Expert at CodeGrade. During his studies Computer Science and work as a TA at the University of Amsterdam, he developed CodeGrade together with his co-founders to make their life easier. Devin supports instructors with their programming courses, focusing on both their pedagogical needs and innovative technical possibilities. He also hosts CodeGrade's monthly webinar.

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