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February 17, 2022

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.3!

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We're happy to announce our first new release of 2022! PerfectlyNormal.3 has a bunch of updated and new features. You can now automatically turn on Dark Mode - for Mac users, it's possible to do so automatically at night! Make your grading even more efficient by setting a default tab to open first on the Submission page.

It's our first release of 2022! CodeGrade continues to support computer science educators across the globe, and we hope this year will be even better than the last. We have many exciting plans for 2022 that we can't wait to share with you!

Our latest release, CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.3, has some major improvements. As always, this release features many small bug fixes and improvements to the speed and quality of CodeGrade. One great feature of this release is an updated Dark Mode. You can now turn on Dark Mode automatically and your preferences will be saved between sessions too. For Mac users, this means you can even automatically turn on Dark Mode at night!

Additionally, you can now select a default tab (Code, Feedback, AutoTest, or Peer Feedback) to open first on the Submission page, making for even more efficient grading.

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We also have a new permission, "Upload without group", which allows users to submit work even if they are not in a group, or if their group has insufficient members. Finally, new users registering with CodeGrade can no longer have leading or trailing whitespace in their username. This change has no effect on existing users.

This March, CodeGrade will be a silver supporter of SIGCSE - the Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education - in Providence, Rhode Island! We had a great time at the virtual conference last year and cannot wait to be able to meet some of you in person this time around. If you're attending, come and say hi at our booth! For those who can't attend, we hope to have a recording of our session available as soon as possible.

If you want to read more about our releases, please see our changelog here.

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius


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