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April 8, 2022

New release CodeGrade QuietStorm!

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We're happy to announce our latest major release: CodeGrade QuietStorm! This release brings the highly anticipated start of the private beta for the CodeGrade Editor. Furthermore, we have improved experience of CodeGrade on Apple devices, and made setting up your unit tests for .NET and PHP even easier.

We are very excited for our latest major release: CodeGrade QuietStorm! For the past year, our dev-team has worked very hard to develop the CodeGrade Editor. A built in editor that will allow students to code directly inside CodeGrade and thus also in their LMS! This release brings the first closed beta of this editor. More editor-updates are expected in the near future, but we are very excited so far! Would you like to try out the editor and become part of our closed beta program? Get in touch with us!

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Next to the editor, this release brings many upgrades to the usability and performance of CodeGrade. For MacOS users, the `Cmd+Enter` shortcut now works for all our Submit buttons. Additionally, CodeGrade's UX has been improved for Safari and iPad users.

Finally, we have made some improvements to AutoTest. The PHPUnit and xUnit unit test steps now have custom UIs, to help you set them up more easily. Also, we have upgraded the version of some of our pre-installed packages and added .NET 6.0 and ASP.NET 6.0 to AutoTest by default.

If you want to read more about our releases or find a full list of all upgraded AutoTest libraries and software, please see our changelog here.

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius

Co-founder, Product Expert
Devin is co-founder and Product Expert at CodeGrade. During his studies Computer Science and work as a TA at the University of Amsterdam, he developed CodeGrade together with his co-founders to make their life easier. Devin supports instructors with their programming courses, focusing on both their pedagogical needs and innovative technical possibilities. He also hosts CodeGrade's monthly webinar.

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