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May 18, 2022

Teaching Intro to Python with CodeGrade

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The CodeGrade Introduction to Python course is an 8-week basic Python course. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge on programming or Python. This course will cover the basic concepts of programming up to Python specific modules and OOP design. It is available for all instructors now, click here to access it.

We know that learning to code is challenging, and that so is teaching it. Up until now, CodeGrade has offered you tools to make teaching coding easier and today we are announcing the next step in our mission: a ready made course!

The Introduction to Python course will be CodeGrade's first course and is available for instructors right now. Intro to Python consists of 40 fully automatically graded and engaging assignments throughout 8 lessons. CodeGrade's course is available for standalone users, but is also integrated in Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace or Moodle.

All assignments include an editable assignment description (with interesting background stories, more context and links to useful resources), an example solution, template code for students and of course an extensive autograder that checks for functionality, structure and use of required concepts. Instructors can teach the course as a whole, or cherrypick assignments and include them in their own courses. All assignments are set up with CodeGrade's new built-in editor, which students can use to code directly in their browser or LMS.

You can find a demo in our latest webinar below:

Use CodeGrade's ready-to-use assignments to start teaching Python right away!

The curriculum of CodeGrade's Intro to Python course consists of two blocks: the core and the extras. The core consists of the first 5 lessons and covers basic programming and Python concepts, from the first Hello World to conditionals, loops, basic data structures and even some handy modules. The extra 3 lessons cover useful Python concepts for more advanced students and courses: Object Oriented Programming, advanced Python packages and third party libraries and a larger final project.

A full overview of the 8 lessons is found below:

  1. Python basics: print, variables, arithmetics and data types;
  2. Working with user input and strings and conditional statements;
  3. Structuring using functions and iterations (for- and while-loops);
  4. Data Structures in Python (Lists, Dictionaries, sets) and recursion;
  5. Built-in Python Modules and basic Data Science using NumPy;
  6. Object Oriented Programming and Design (OOP);
  7. Useful Extra's: regex, urllib, matplotlib and simple AI;
  8. Final Project.

CodeGrade's Intro to Python course is available now to all our teachers, please click here to request access for your institution. More assignments and more courses (including an Intro to Java and OOP course) will be made available soon.

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius


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