Live event of the impact of ChatGPT in programming classes and how it can be used to make grading more effective
June 2, 2023

Watch our ChatGPT and Coding Education webinar!

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Watch the recording of CodeGrade's latest webinar here! We discuss the profound implications of ChatGPT, how you can use it in your code assessments and teaching workflows.

We recently hosted a webinar on ChatGPT, the latest cutting-edge development in AI. In this session, we explored the tremendous impact of ChatGPT on coding education and discussed various exciting opportunities to incorporate this powerful tool in the classroom.

Here's a short summary of what we discussed:

  • The implications of ChatGPT
  • Setting up ChatGPT-proof coding assignments
  • Using ChatGPT in your teaching workflows
  • Teaching AI literacy to students
  • Much more!
Interested in making your code assessments more effective? Book a quick demo here!

A huge thank you to Nick Koning from Erasmus University Rotterdam, for demonstrating a creative and insightful proof of concept to use ChatGPT as a 'future teaching assistant' to grade coding exams! You can watch this, alongside the complete live event below!

We wish you continued success in integrating ChatGPT into your coding education journey! If you have questions, feedback or suggestions for future webinars, get in touch via our socials. We love to hear your thoughts!

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