CodeGrade's autograder for automatic feedback and plagiarism detection is silver sponsor for SIGCSE 2022
February 25, 2022

CodeGrade at SIGCSE 2022!

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CodeGrade is heading to Providence, Rhode Island, for SIGCSE. We are looking forward to connecting with you and sharing innovative ideas from the field of Computer Science Education! Here's how to find us at this year's convention.

We are very excited to be attending the 53rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, or SIGCSE, March 2-5th! Youri, Lena and Devin will head to the conference in Providence, Rhode Island and can’t wait to share and discover innovative ideas in the CS education field. 

Here's our SIGCSE agenda:

  • Join us for refreshments on Friday 4th March, 5pm to 7pm at the Trinity Brewhouse, 186 Fountain Street.
  • Supporter Session Presentation: Scaling and automating an Online Master’s Degree in Data Science at Eastern University, Saturday, March 5th, 9:20am - 10:35am Room 551 A/B (RICC).
  • Come and say hello at our booth! 
  • Feeling lucky? Take part in our coding challenge and win a brand new iPad - stop by the booth (if you're joining virtually, select 'Want to meet' via Pathable!) for your chance to win.
  • Follow our Twitter and stay tuned for our prize pack giveaway!

For all those attending in person and virtually, we cannot wait to connect with you.

Not at SIGSCE 2022 but still want to see CodeGrade in action?

Evie Christopher

Evie Christopher

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Evie manages and creates content, and helps operations run smoothly here at CodeGrade. Trained in Linguistics, she is enjoying delving deeper into the world of Computer Science. In her free time you can find her drinking tea or practising yoga.

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