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Jupyter Notebooks

Webinar: Autograding Code Structure using Semgrep

Learn how to automatically grade code structure using CodeGrade and Semgrep in this webinar. Next to the basics, we will also go over three examples step by step.

Using NBGrader for Python Jupyter notebooks in CodeGrade

Learn how to autograde Python Jupyter Notebooks using the NBGrader tool in CodeGrade to give your students instant feedback.

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

Learn everything about grading Jupyter Notebooks manually and automatically. From theory behind the IPython Notebooks to putting it into practice in CodeGrade for your code assignment.

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

New YouTube series: CodeGrade Basics

Learn how to autograde Python, Java and Jupyter Notebook programming assignments easily and effectively using CodeGrade.

New YouTube series: CodeGrade Basics

Webinar: How to automatically grade Data Science Assignments in R and Python

In this CodeGrade webinar you learn how to autograde R, Python and Jupyter Notebook data science assignments with big data sets and custom libraries (like pandas or Tensorflow).

Grading Jupyter Notebooks, manually and automatically

Learn how to grade Jupyter or IPython Notebook assignments for education, from manual grading and reviewing to autograding and unit testing, with CodeGrade.

Automatically grading Jupyter Notebooks in BrightSpace

Reduce your manual workload drastically by learning how to automatically grade Jupyter Notebooks within BrightSpace using CodeGrade.

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