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CodeGrade Success Story at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

CodeGrade increases student performance and helps teachers at UNLV. Professors and e-learning experts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas share how they adopted CodeGrade and how it made their lives easier.

New CodeGrade features now delivered continuously to you!

CodeGrade now uses Continuous Delivery (CD) to deploy new bug fixes, tweaks and features even quicker and smoother to our customers. We chat with CodeGrade CTO Thomas Schaper to learn more about this improvement!

Teaching Intro to Python with CodeGrade

The CodeGrade Introduction to Python course is an 8-week basic Python course. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge on programming or Python. This course will cover the basic concepts of programming up to Python specific modules and OOP design. It is available for all instructors now.

The creation of the CodeGrade editor

We created our very own editor to help educators enhance their coding classrooms. Find out how it was created here.

Post-Mortem AutoTest incident 21 April 2022

CodeGrade unfortunately experiences temporary downtime on 21 April 2022. We'd like to update you on the cause, results for you and our efforts to prevent this in the future in this post-mortem.

New release CodeGrade QuietStorm!

Learn all about CodeGrade QuietStorm! This release brings the highly anticipated start of the private beta for the CodeGrade Editor. Furthermore, we have improved experience of CodeGrade on Apple devices, and made setting up your unit tests for .NET and PHP even easier.

New release CodeGrade QuietStorm!

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.3!

It's our first new release of 2022! PerfectlyNormal.3 includes an updated dark mode, which can be turned on automatically, a new permission "upload without Group", and the option to open a default tab on the submissions page.

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.2 and Happy Holidays from CodeGrade!

Happy Holidays from Team CodeGrade! We recap 2021 and would love to tell you about CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.2, improving the Peer Feedback feature and making CodeGrade even more efficient!

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.1

Learn about the new CodeGrade version CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.1, totally revamping general feedback and bringing a new dedicated Python API Help Center!

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal

Learn about the new CodeGrade version CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal. Start delivering engaging feedback on code, by using automatic grading and efficient manual grading!

New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal

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