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How to Check for Plagiarism in Python Source Code

Discover efficient methods for checking plagiarism in Python source code with CodeGrade. Uphold academic integrity without compromising learner engagement!

Teaching Intro to Python with CodeGrade

The CodeGrade Introduction to Python course is an 8-week basic Python course. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge on programming or Python. This course will cover the basic concepts of programming up to Python specific modules and OOP design. It is available for all instructors now.

Webinar: Autograding Code Structure using Semgrep

Learn how to automatically grade code structure using CodeGrade and Semgrep in this webinar. Next to the basics, we will also go over three examples step by step.

Automatically grading Python code assignments

Learn about autograding Python coding assignments for Computer Science education courses. CodeGrade can help you use tools like input and output checking, PyTest unit test autograding, Flake8 code quality checking and code structure autograding using semgrep.

Automatically grading Python assignments that use random variables in CodeGrade

Discover how to grade Python programming assignments that use random integers automatically

Webinar: Automatically grading Python assignments in CodeGrade

Automatically grade your students' Python programming assignments using CodeGrade. We run through basic assignment set up as well as some more advanced techniques and tips!

Automatically grading students’ Python assignments using pytest unit tests

Pytest is a great tool for automatically grading Python assignments in CodeGrade. We discuss the benefits of unit testing for Python courses, and how pytest can help.

Using NBGrader for Python Jupyter notebooks in CodeGrade

Learn how to autograde Python Jupyter Notebooks using the NBGrader tool in CodeGrade to give your students instant feedback.

Friendly: Better error messages for Python

Regular Python error messages can be discouraging for students learning to code. Learn how you can set up CodeGrade's autograder to give students more easy to understand error messages for your Python course.

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

Learn everything about grading Jupyter Notebooks manually and automatically. From theory behind the IPython Notebooks to putting it into practice in CodeGrade for your code assignment.

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

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