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Webinar: CS Education researcher Luca Chiodini on Programming Misconceptions

CSEd researcher Luca Chiodini discusses how you can use programming misconception theory to improve your Python course, Java course or JavaScript coding course.

New YouTube series: CodeGrade Basics

Learn how to autograde Python, Java and Jupyter Notebook programming assignments easily and effectively using CodeGrade.

New YouTube series: CodeGrade Basics

Autograding Code Quality and Common Bad Practices in Java Assignments

Learn how to automatically grade Java code quality and bad practices in Java programming assignments using Checkstyle, PMD and CodeGrade

Webinar: How to automatically grade Java code and code quality

Learn how to set up autograded Java assignments with JUnit unit tests, code quality grading with Checkstyle and PMD for education and JaCoCO

Testing the Tests: Autograding student unit tests in Java assignments (using JUnit code coverage)

Learn how to use JaCoCo code coverage to autograde JUnit unit tests handed in by students for your Java code assignments.

Autograding code structure using CodeGrade and Semgrep

Learn how to automatically detect and grade code structure for Python and Java programming assignments in computer science education

How to check for plagiarism in Java source code

Learn how to detect plagiarism in Java code using CodeGrade's plagiarism detector!

Creating an award nominated Java programming course at the University of Edinburgh

Optimize your formative assessment using CodeGrade to dramatically improve your student performance.

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