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Trail Blazing at SIGCSE 2024!

Join us at SIGCSE TS 2024, booth number 202 and explore our Interactive Quizzes feature, and delve into our recently launched ebook. Don't miss the chance to say hello!

Trail Blazing at SIGCSE 2024!

Coming Soon: Coding Quizzes

Implement Coding Quizzes to cultivate a dynamic and interactive learning experience. This versatile feature not only offers learners diverse pathways to skill development but also ensures a streamlined and efficient grading process for educators.

Coming Soon: Coding Quizzes

How to Check for Plagiarism in Java Source Code

Enhance coding education with CodeGrade's seamless plagiarism detection and a suite of comprehensive tools for educators and learners!

How to Check for Plagiarism in Python Source Code

Discover efficient methods for checking plagiarism in Python source code with CodeGrade. Uphold academic integrity without compromising learner engagement!

New Partnership with Anthology/Blackboard

We are delighted to announce our new and improved partnership with Anthology. This collaboration allows us to further integrate our services seamlessly.

Teaching coding? Here's what to look for in a learning platform.

Choosing a platform for programming education is a difficult task. Finding one that offers support, ease of use and flexible grading is worthwhile!

Instant feedback on students’ code in Blackboard

Learn how to automate grading and provide instant feedback on programming assignments in Blackboard.

Automatically grading Jupyter Notebooks in BrightSpace

Reduce your manual workload drastically by learning how to automatically grade Jupyter Notebooks within BrightSpace using CodeGrade.

Connecting GitHub and Canvas for programming assignments

Optimize your workflow by integrating GitHub and Canvas directly for programming assignments to use it in one platform.

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Online 2020

Join CodeGrade for the Instructure CanvasCon Online 2020 conference!

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Online 2020

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