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Teaching Intro to Python with CodeGrade

The CodeGrade Introduction to Python course is an 8-week basic Python course. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge on programming or Python. This course will cover the basic concepts of programming up to Python specific modules and OOP design. It is available for all instructors now.

Webinar: Autograding Code Structure using Semgrep

Learn how to automatically grade code structure using CodeGrade and Semgrep in this webinar. Next to the basics, we will also go over three examples step by step.

Webinar: Automatically grading Python assignments in CodeGrade

Automatically grade your students' Python programming assignments using CodeGrade. We run through basic assignment set up as well as some more advanced techniques and tips!

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

Learn everything about grading Jupyter Notebooks manually and automatically. From theory behind the IPython Notebooks to putting it into practice in CodeGrade for your code assignment.

Webinar: Grading Jupyter Notebooks

Webinar: CS Education researcher Luca Chiodini on Programming Misconceptions

CSEd researcher Luca Chiodini discusses how you can use programming misconception theory to improve your Python course, Java course or JavaScript coding course.

Webinar: Autograding Web Development in CodeGrade

Learn how to effectively autograde web development and databases courses using Selenium, Jest, Mocha, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQLite, MySQL and CodeGrade for computer science education.

Webinar: Everything new for the new 2021/2022 academic year

Learn about all new CodeGrade features to grade computer science courses in the new 2021 / 2022 academic year.

Webinar: Getting Started for the new Academic Year

Learn everything to get started with CodeGrade's autograder for Python and Java the new academic year!

Webinar: Better Automatic Feedback for Computer Science Education

Learn about design principles for meaningful feedback and clear rubrics for computer science education and autograding code.

Webinar: How to automatically grade Data Science Assignments in R and Python

In this CodeGrade webinar you learn how to autograde R, Python and Jupyter Notebook data science assignments with big data sets and custom libraries (like pandas or Tensorflow).

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