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New release CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.2 and Happy Holidays from CodeGrade!

Happy Holidays from Team CodeGrade! We recap 2021 and would love to tell you about CodeGrade PerfectlyNormal.2, improving the Peer Feedback feature and making CodeGrade even more efficient!

CodeGrade free for all affected institutions in response to COVID-19

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, CodeGrade now offers its services for free to help out affected schools and universities.

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Europe 2019

Join CodeGrade in Barcelona for the CanvasCon Europe 2019 conference. Learn how to supercharge your programming course.

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Europe 2019

Our story

CodeGrade started as a student project at the University of Amsterdam, to help out ourselves. Read our story here.

Our story

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