January 26, 2024

Get the most out of AutoTest V2 with the hidden CG command

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The 'cg' command in AutoTest V2 represents an evolving initiative wherein we consistently integrate new utilities before finalizing dedicated blocks. These utilities introduce advanced customization options that extend beyond the capabilities of dedicated blocks, empowering you with the flexibility to tailor your code assessment and feedback delivery methods for your learners.

As highlighted in our recent blog post, we're actively enhancing our product to ensure robust support for our partners and sustained engagement for your learners. We understand the challenges associated with grading, which often consumes a significant amount of time during programming skill development. With the introduction of our advanced autograder, our aim is not only to streamline the grading process, saving you valuable time, but also to provide a platform for delivering constructive, practical, and tailored feedback to your learners. Through these improvements, we aspire to empower you in seamlessly integrating your unique coding pedagogy into your CS courses, all while ensuring sustained learner engagement.

How it works

AutoTest V2 features a hidden command that unlocks a multitude of advanced autograding capabilities.

The designated command for accessing these advanced functions is the ‘cg’ command, which currently contains the following subprograms:

  • `cg checkstyle`: A versatile utility for installing, parsing, and executing Checkstyle, designed for users seeking greater customization beyond the built-in Checkstyle block functionalities.
  • `cg comments` : A generic code quality comment parser that automatically generates and inserts comments into the editor or code viewer.
  • `cg java`: A generic utility designed for handling Java programs, currently featuring a single subcommand `compile, which compiles Java files and automatically writes errors to the editor.

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  • `cg junit5`: A utility designed for the installation and execution of JUnit5. It automatically records and displays the test results in the unit test UI within AutoTest V2.
  • `cg junitxml`: A generic parser for unit test reports. Use your preferred unit testing framework, instruct it to produce results in JUnitXML format, and this parser will seamlessly convert them into a format compatible with autotest V2.
  • `cg semgrep`: A utility for executing code structure tests.

The `cg` command is an ongoing project where we continuously integrate new utilities before formalizing dedicated blocks. These utilities provide enhanced customization options that may go beyond the capabilities of dedicated blocks. This offers you the flexibility to tailor how you assess code and deliver feedback to your learners. For detailed insights into a specific command's functionality, use a script block in AutoTest V2 and use the `help` subcommand. For example, run `cg java help` to delve into the nuances of the ‘java’ command.

To stay informed about new product improvements and upcoming features, please explore our product roadmap. If you're eager to learn more about this feature or any others within CodeGrade, feel free to schedule a demo. Our dedicated staff members are ready to assist you. We wish you and your learners a fulfilling coding experience!

Kendra Hare

Kendra Hare

Marketing Specialist
Meet Kendra, a whiskey and coffee aficionado, whose rich background in higher education infuses a unique blend of experiences and perspectives. As our marketing specialist, she ensures CodeGrade's mission reaches and impacts a wide audience.

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