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February 27, 2023

Use our integrated online IDE in your coding classroom!

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  • The CodeGrade built-in editor was released in April 2022, read more here!
  • Students benefit from our online IDE in multiple ways, their coding environment is set up automatically and correctly for them and they can code and run directly in their browser and LMS.
  • Especially K-12 code classrooms and non-CS code courses will greatly benefit from an online editor.
  • Teach your hassle free coding course now using CodeGrade's editor and autograder. Book a demo now!

The CodeGrade built-in editor was released in April 2022, read more here! It was built as a lightweight IDE for students that were just initially learning how to program, or part of the “Coding to Understand” group of learners (learn more about the 3 types of coding students here). CodeGrade's editor supports over 180 programming languages and allows students to work on larger code projects too. How does the CodeGrade editor benefit these students? 

  • The editor will replace the need for them to set up a local environment, especially when combined with AutoTest. These users are used to tools like Google Docs, not Vim or Visual Studio, so features like auto-save are important but extending the editor with custom code is less important. Students can focus on learning to code and not setting up a local environment.
  • With the in-browser code execution, students can run their code before submitting their work to see which tests have passed, and how they can improve. From there you can make iterative improvements fast until you are confident with your submission. 
  • CodeGrade’s IDE is fully integrated in your LMS (like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard or Open edX). Students can kick start their first steps in coding in a known environment and do not need to use or access a different tool or website.

How can you use the CodeGrade editor in your classroom?
High schools and Introduction to programming courses: 

For high schools and introduction to programming courses, transitioning from block-based coding to written code can be a daunting challenge for students. With CodeGrade's user-friendly editor, students can start coding right away and receive instant feedback on their work. Additionally, CodeGrade's exercise bank, included in all licenses, provides students with ample opportunities to hone their coding skills, while saving valuable time for teachers who no longer have to spend hours grading assignments manually.

At the university level, introductory programming courses often attract students with diverse levels of prior experience in coding. With the help of CodeGrade's intuitive editor, instructors can empower their students to start programming right away. This versatile tool can be used to create formative assessments and in-class quizzes, which reinforce the concepts recently covered and help students master the fundamentals of programming.

CodeGrade's new IDE with instant run button!
Start using the CodeGrade IDE in your coding classroom now!

Non CS courses

Programming skills are becoming an increasingly popular asset in fields outside of computer science such as data science and business analytics. The needs of these students are going to be different than those who are going to be software developers.

With the built in editor, students can use it for coding challenges or assignments, and teachers can save time as the submissions are in one place. Having the editor also creates a dynamic environment where students can see their progress with even minor adjustments, which can boost confidence in their learning. You can read more about how UM Amherst uses CodeGrade for their “Introduction to Business Analytics course” here

If you are working in data science courses that require skills in SQL, R and Python, the CodeGrade in browser editor ensures that the environments are all correctly configured for the students ahead of time (including data sets or database setups) Students can start testing their queries right away.

Editor + AT V2

Automatically running code in the editor and the REPL that comes with it are powered by AutoTest V2: our latest autograder, that is even more powerful and easy to use.  You can read more about our launch here.

With AutoTest V2 you can evaluate your student code in real-time. You can not just autograde functionality, but also automatically check code structure and style.

How to get started

We hope that you find CodeGrade's built-in editor to be a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit. Our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. If you are a current teacher with questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our teacher success team at

Lena Hong

Lena Hong

Head of Partnerships
Meet Lena, our champion who fervently advocates for CodeGrade worldwide, emphasizing its value to educators. Being instrumental in advancing coding education for the next generation fills her with boundless joy and purpose.

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