New code grading and autograding features in CodeGrade.
September 6, 2021

Webinar: Everything new for the new 2021/2022 academic year

With our latest webinar, our goal was to get you up to speed with all new CodeGrade features for the upcoming academic year. All of the new features discussed in this webinar have been added to CodeGrade over the past year and will greatly improve your CodeGrade experience! This webinar was part of our monthly Focus Groups and was recorded on September 3rd 2021, it is available on demand now.

New CodeGrade Resources

Reading this blog means you have probably already found your way around CodeGrade's resources, which you can find here:

New miscellaneous CodeGrade Features

Custom Descriptions in AutoTest

Learn more about Custom Descriptions for AutoTest steps in our Help Center or in our "Better Automatic Feedback" webinar.

CodeGrade API Python Package

Learn more about our new Python Package, which you can find on PyPi here, in our API documentation or webinar on "Using the API".

New Lock Date Setting (usable as second deadline)

Learn more about the new Lock Date Setting in our Help Center or in our CodeGrade Basics "Assignment States & Deadlines" video.

Start using CodeGrade, the most advanced Code Grading platform available, now!

Copying your previous work

If you are doing a new iteration of a previous course, or if you would like to import parts of a previous assignment, you can use the various importing options we have in CodeGrade:

Anonymous Marking in CodeGrade

We have also recently added anonymous marking (or anonymous grading) to CodeGrade. You can turn this on under the assignment management page. All student names will then be hidden from you while grading. Learn more in our Help Center.

Hidden student names in CodeGrade.

Improved GitHub and GitLab integration in CodeGrade

We have greatly upgraded our GitHub and GitLab support inside CodeGrade. It is now way easier and less error-prone for students to connect CodeGrade to their Git repository and hand in automatically from there. In the webinar, we explain exactly how it works and what the new student workflow looks like.

Step 1: Select Git host
Step 2: Login and Authorize CodeGrade
Step 3: Connect existing or create new repo
Step 4: Connection Made!

All new commits in the connected repo will be automatically uploaded to CodeGrade, just like you are used to. Git now has been connected to the user's CodeGrade account and can be re-used for all other assignments, without having to configure or connect again. If the user wants to disconnect GitHub or GitLab from CodeGrade, they can simply revoke access to CodeGrade from the GitHub or GitLab website.

Improved Unit Test step in CodeGrade AutoTest

With our latest release, we have also greatly improved our Unit Test step in AutoTest. It is now very easy to use with our new dropdown to select your unit test framework. All you have to do now is select the framework you want and point to the location of the tests, and it is ready to use! You now do not need to manually install unit test frameworks anymore in CodeGrade.

New Unit Test step for Python's PyTest in CodeGrade

The above just lists a brief overview of what is discussed in the webinar. In the webinar, we also discuss some more(small) new features in CodeGrade. We hope that with these new features, you will love CodeGrade even more. We are here to make your course with CodeGrade a success, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or via with any question, feature request or if you would like some technical or educational consultancy. We are always more than happy to help you out!

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius


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